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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is based on two basic principles:  brain electrical activity reflects mental states and secondly that this activity can be trained to work at optimal performance.  Using an EEG machine to measure the frequency and power of the electrical waves in the brain, a person can alter their own mental state to achieve a predefined goal.  This is accomplished through a reward based system using the EEG machine and computer software through sounds and visual displays. We use the state of the art BrainMaster machine for incredible results. 

Neurofeedback is not a new invention, the evidence that Neurofeedback can produce significant and sustained physiological changes has been documented as for back as the early 1970s.  Neurofeedback is highly effective in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and Attention Deficient Disorder/Attention Deficient Disorder with Hyperactivity.

Young teenage girl and child therapist d
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